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At Hennessy Immigration Services, we provide expert advice and personalised solutions to help you navigate the complex process of immigration. We are committed to ensuring you receive the best possible service to achieve your immigration goals. Check out our range of services below.

Hennessey Immigration Services | Consultation


Not sure which service suits you best? Book a consultation to discuss your needs. If you decide to work with us for a visa later on, we'll even deduct the consultation fee from your service cost.

Temp visas
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Temporary Visas

Whether you're traveling to New Zealand or pursuing educational opportunities, we offer assistance for Visitor Visas and Student Visas.


Visitor Visas

If you're planning a trip to New Zealand, you might require a Visitor Visa before your arrival. Our expert guidance ensures a smooth Visitor Visa application process, making your journey hassle-free.


Accredited Employer Work Visas

Looking to work in New Zealand? Our support extends to Accredited Employer Work Visas, allowing individuals to work in skilled employment for up to 3 years, provided their income meets the legal threshold and matches their skill level.


Student Visas

Considering studying in New Zealand? We provide comprehensive assistance with Student Visas, offering a wide range of options for prospective students, ensuring a seamless application process.


Partnership Work/
Visitor Visas

Interested in Partnership Work/Visitor Visas? This category covers partners of visa holders, as well as partners of New Zealand citizens and residents. Our services streamline the application process, ensuring a smooth experience for you and your loved ones.

Residency visas
Modular House

Residency Visas

Explore various pathways to New Zealand residency, including the Skilled Migrant Category, Investor Category, Family Category, and Work to Residence (Green List).


Skilled Migrant Category

This option is designed for individuals with special knowledge or skills, providing a pathway to a residence-class visa. It operates on a points-based system, making it an ideal choice for skilled workers who may not fit into the Green List category or are looking for expedited application options. We're here to guide you through this process with expertise.


Family Category

This avenue is available to applicants with an adult child, partner, or parent who already holds New Zealand residency or New Zealand citizenship. Our expertise helps you navigate the application process for a family-focused pathway to residency.


Investor Category

Considering the Investor category? This pathway is perfect for those who want to make a meaningful contribution to the New Zealand economy through business. Typically, it involves a financial investment in a New Zealand company or stocks. Our support ensures a seamless application process for this unique opportunity.


Work to Residence
(Green List)

This is an excellent option for individuals who aspire to achieve residence through the work pathway. Our guidance ensures a smooth transition on this path to New Zealand residency.

Immigration problems

Immigration Problems

If you're facing issues such as visa non-compliance, unlawful presence, or other challenges, we can help you navigate and resolve these complexities


Regularising your Immigration Status

 If you find yourself no longer meeting visa conditions or residing in New Zealand unlawfully, it can be a challenging situation. You may even receive a Deportation Liability notice and a Deportation Order from Immigration New Zealand. At Hennessy Immigration, we specialise in resolving these complex situations. Each client's circumstances are unique and demand diligence, accurate advice, and effective advocacy to help them achieve lawful status in New Zealand or obtain a visa they may not have otherwise qualified for.


Request for Special Directions

Depending on your specific circumstances, Hennessy Immigration can initiate a request for a 'special direction' on your behalf. Our experience and knowledge allow us to navigate the complexities and advocate for unique solutions tailored to your needs.


Section 61 Requests

When all else fails, a final recourse is the submission of a Section 61 Request. This involves making an appeal to the Minister of Immigration, who possesses unfettered discretion to grant a visa under this section of the Immigration Act. Our expertise ensures that your request is presented effectively and persuasively.


Request for Reconsideration

In the event of an unfavorable outcome, it may be prudent for Hennessy Immigration to pursue a request for reconsideration. This becomes relevant when a visa application is declined for various reasons, and there's a potential that immigration officials didn't consider all relevant information or new circumstances have emerged. Our expertise ensures a thorough and effective reevaluation of your case.


Character Waiver Request

Depending on your individual circumstances, a character or health requirement waiver could be the most suitable solution to address your immigration challenges. This option is particularly relevant for individuals with minor criminal convictions. Hennessy Immigration can assist in navigating the process and seeking the appropriate waiver for your specific situation.

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