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Work Rights for Partners of Students: Update

Today, the Government had made changes to immigration policy to expand work rights to partners of people studying Green List roles.

Specifically, partners of people studying level 7 and 8 roles, specified by the Green List, will now be able to apply for partner work visas with open conditions (i.e. not having to work for an accredited employer only, being self employed, etc).

The Green List has further been updated to include Bachelor and Bachelor with Honours degrees that will eventually lead to occupational registration (for example, nursing, psychology, etc).

You can find more information in this amendment circular here. In addition to the open work visa, students studying one of these qualifications will be able to support their children's dependent child student visas, so that they can study in school without having to pay tuition costs. This does not extend to studying at tertiary level of course.

This blog post like all my other ones, does not constitute specific immigration advice. If you need help, or want to ask some questions, you can book in for a FREE 15 minute consultation here.

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