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Simplifying Immigration

Experience a seamless immigration process with expert guidance on various visa applications, residency requirements, and more.

Trusted Guidance for Your Immigration Journey

As a certified specialist immigration lawyer and registered member of the New Zealand Law Society, my primary area of expertise lies in handling work, partner, student, and children visa matters, along with residency applications.


I'm committed to simplifying your immigration journey by significantly enhancing your chances of success. 


With a track record of over 1,000 individuals successfully migrating to New Zealand since 2019, I boast a remarkable visa and residency approval rate exceeding 99%. 


My goal is to make the immigration process as simple and seamless as possible for my clients.

Hennessey Immigration Services

What People Say

Beana Badenhorst _ Testimonial.jpeg


We can reccomend Rory highly, he assisted our family in 2019 with our Visas and everything went through without any hiccups. Straightforward, kindhearted and willing to help. We felt confident with Rory, his knowledge and skills and that is why we trusted him with our applications.

Rose Horne _ Testimonial.jpeg


Rory has really gone above and beyond to help us, twice. He is kind, quick to respond and made the whole process easy. I lost my job and had to re apply for a second visa when I got a new job, I could only think of Rory to help with my mess. I highly recommend him. Professional, effective and affordable.

Chazelle Raubenheimer _ Testimonial.jpeg


His services made the process feel a lot more 'do-able' and helped us to stay focused on the end goal. Rory is passionate about his profession and places an anourmous amount of pressure on himself to achieve success with every case that he takes on. In the process, Rory has shown to be far more than just a supplier, but a partner and friend, helping us to achieve a future that sometimes felt like an inacessible dream. 



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Temporary Visas

Whether you're traveling to New Zealand or pursuing educational opportunities, I offer assistance for Visitor Visas and Student Visas.

Residency Visas

Explore various pathways to New Zealand residency, including the Skilled Migrant Category, Investor Category, Family Category, and Work to Residence (Green List).

Immigration Problems

If you're facing issues such as visa non-compliance, unlawful presence, or other challenges, I can help you navigate and resolve these complexities

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